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Hyperpigmentation services offered in Columbia, MD

If you’re unhappy with your appearance because of darkened skin patches on your face or noticeable age spots covering your hands, you can find the noninvasive solutions you need at Dermatology & Advanced Skin Care. The board-certified dermatologists specialize in diagnosing and treating hyperpigmentation issues like melasma, age spots, and freckles. They offer customized care plans using topical medications and laser therapy to even out your complexion without damaging skin tissue. Call the Columbia, Maryland, office today to schedule a hyperpigmentation evaluation or book an appointment online.

Hyperpigmentation Q & A

What causes hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that causes patches of skin to darken due to an excess of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. While usually harmless, hyperpigmentation can affect how you feel about your skin’s appearance.

One of the most common hyperpigmentation issues men and women develop are age spots, also referred to as liver spots. These spots occur on sun-exposed areas of the skin, including the face and hands, when the sun’s ultraviolet rays trigger an increase in melanin production.

Another hyperpigmentation condition is melasma, where darkened skin patches develop because of hormone fluctuations. Women of all ages who are pregnant or taking hormonal birth control pills are at risk for melasma.

Dermatology & Advanced Skin Care offers comprehensive care for hyperpigmentation in adults and children. The board-certified dermatologists provide advanced treatments, such as laser therapy, to reduce the visibility of discolored skin patches without damaging existing skin tissue.

When should I seek medical attention for hyperpigmentation?

Because skin discoloration can be a warning sign of an underlying medical condition, you should schedule a skin evaluation at Dermatology & Advanced Skin Care anytime you notice unusual changes in your skin’s texture or appearance.

When you already have a hyperpigmentation diagnosis, book an appointment if your current treatment isn’t working well or if the condition of your skin continues to worsen.

The skilled dermatologists complete a thorough skin evaluation to identify the severity of your hyperpigmentation symptoms. They may also order bloodwork or other diagnostic tests to check for underlying medical conditions, including a hormone imbalance that can change your skin color.

How is hyperpigmentation treated?

Initially, the Dermatology & Advanced Skin Care team might recommend topical products that lighten age spots, sunspots, or freckles. If topicals aren’t producing the results you desire, you may be a candidate for laser therapy.

The team uses Clarity II™ advanced laser technology from Lutronic® to address darkened skin patches on nearly any part of your body. The high-powered, dual-wavelength laser can minimize the appearance of discolored skin patches in just a few treatments without the need for downtime.

Your dermatologist can also recommend a high-quality sunscreen you should use whenever you’re outdoors to guard against additional sun damage.

Call Dermatology & Advanced Skin Care today to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for hyperpigmentation or book an appointment online.