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Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery services offered in Columbia, MD

An estimated 5.4 million Americans receive a skin cancer diagnosis each year. At Dermatology & Advanced Skin Care, the board-certified dermatologists specialize in Mohs surgery, a minimally invasive treatment to remove cancerous skin tissue one layer at a time. The providers offer same-day Mohs surgery procedures in-office for adults and adolescents. They also make preventive resources available to reduce your risk of additional skin cancer concerns. Call the Columbia, Maryland, office today to schedule a Mohs surgery consultation or book an appointment online.

Mohs Surgery Q & A

What is Mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery is a highly specialized procedure to remove cancerous skin tissue. The procedure involves removing tissue one layer at a time with a scalpel. The board-certified dermatologists then evaluate each layer under a microscope to check for cancer cells.

The goal of Mohs surgery is to remove all roots and extensions of skin cancer. The procedure continues until no cancer cells are present in the skin sample.

Dermatology & Advanced Skin Care offers Mohs surgery in-office for adults and children. The dermatologists perform Mohs surgery on an outpatient basis, so you can return home soon after your procedure is complete.

What are the benefits of Mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery is the most accurate way to remove skin cancer, even if other treatments haven’t worked well.

In previously untreated skin cancer cases, Mohs surgery offers a 99% cure rate. The success rate with Mohs surgery is 80% in previously treated cancers.

Another advantage of Mohs surgery is that the physicians only need to remove a minimal amount of skin for treatment to be successful. This means you can effectively treat skin cancer without increasing your risk for noticeable scars, infection, bleeding, and other complications.

What can I expect during Mohs surgery?

During Mohs surgery, your Dermatology & Advanced Skin Care provider injects skin in the treatment area with a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable.

Once your skin is numb, they use a scalpel to remove a thin layer of skin. If the sample shows the presence of cancer cells under a microscope, your provider removes another layer of skin from the same location. The process repeats until all skin samples are cancer-free.

Staff provide a pleasant area for waiting while the team processes your skin samples. While results vary from person to person, the dermatologists typically eliminate cancer in three stages or less.

When your Mohs surgery is complete, the providers dress the remaining wound and show you how to care for it at home. They can recommend medications to address any discomfort you have and help you schedule a follow-up visit to assess the healing of your wound.

Call Dermatology & Advanced Skin Care today to learn more about the benefits of Mohs surgery or schedule a consultation online.



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